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2014 Band camps

Our first band camp for 2014 has just been listed. Book early to avoid disappointment

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Lessons, classes and events for 2013

Private tuition in guitar, singing, drums, and bass guitar. Group lessons including rock band and vocal ensemble. We will also be looking to run concerts at the end of every term for students participating in the rock band classes.


Welcome to 2013 music lessons

Welcome 2013 students.

2012 saw us diversify away from being guitar centric and greatly increase our number of singing and drum students. Unfortunately the guitars forgotten cousin, bass guitar, is still struggling to attract the numbers it so fairly deserves. There is a great opportunity for kids and adults alike to learn an awesome instrument which will offer plenty of opportunities to play in bands.

The student concert in November of 2012 was fantastic but a lot of hard work for teachers to organize and also very hard on students trying to achieve a good performance with minimal rehearsal time. The differences in performance level were generally very evident, with the students who take part in the weekly band program being much better prepared, more comfortable on stage, and also having greater communication amongst one another. For this reason the teachers feel that the best way forward is to try and encourage students to enrol in the band program.

2012 Programs and Events


2012 Concert Series

Annual Concert
The Bondi Music School Annual Concert is a large professional production held in November each year. This fun event showcases talent and rewards students after a year of hard work.

Half Yearly Concert
The Half Yearly Concert is a smaller production to the yearly concert and an opportunity for students to perform mid-year.

Adults Christmas Party
This is a new concert for adult students to perform and host a Christmas Party in front of friends.

Student All-Stars and Teachers Concert
Another new event intended to showcase our top students and for teachers to perform in a professional environment.


Rock Band
Group classes are a great way to meet other students who are passionate about rock music. Parents may either enrol their child in a new group or an established group.

Drum Line
Our drum teacher Mark Spiteri will be commencing a drum line. This is a rhythmic ensemble that improves sight reading and technique. The intention is for aspiring drummers to participate in competitions.

Guitar Ensemble
The guitar ensemble may be a duo, quartet or a larger group performing music in carefully arranged parts. Students will improve their reading and group performing skills.

Singing Lessons
Group singing lessons are now available. Each group consists of 2-3 students.

Holiday Band Camp

2012 Dates

Term 1
April 16th to 18th

Term 2
July 2nd to 4th
July 9th to 11th

Term 3
September 24th to 26th
October 1st to 3rd

Summer Holidays
December Dates TBA
January Dates TBA


As a result of the enlightening lecture last December by Hollywood film composer Bryce Jacobs we plan to hold similar events. These include a workshop with session guitarist Mark Johns and a lecture and performance by Australian classical guitarist Giuseppe Zangari.

If you would like any more information on these events and programs Please contact us on 9369 2772 or visit

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Upcoming Concerts


Annual Student Concert

Sunday 24th of November

Blue Beat Live Club

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Spring Cafe Gig

Saturday 14th of September

Atlas Kiosk Bondi Beach

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Upcoming Camps


School Holiday Band Camp

See all summer holiday dates here

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