Music Lessons For Adults

About a third of our students are adults, and at least half of those students start with us as beginners. Adults actually tend to learn musical instruments at a faster rate than most young children as they have the ability to grasp concept better. Adults also pay for their own lessons, which makes a difference in motivation!

What We Teach

Great Songs!

Students can learn their favourite songs. We teach all styles of music including rock, pop, blues, folk and more!!!

Good Technique

Developing good technique is critical to allow constant improvements in playing and minimise the risk of injury.

Understanding Music

Having an understanding of how music works, whether a little or a lot, will make learning and remembering songs much easier.

Other Activities

Student Concerts

Concerts are a great way for students to showcase the skills they have developed through lessons. In addition, they also offer the opportunity to perform alongside other students and professional musicians. More Info

Rock Band Classes

Rock band is a class which gives students the opportunity to join a band. By taking the focus off the individual and creating a team dynamic, students enjoy a more supportive and motivating environment in which to learn. More Info

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Upcoming Concerts


Annual Student Concert

Sunday 24th of November

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Spring Cafe Gig

Saturday 14th of September

Atlas Kiosk Bondi Beach

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Upcoming Camps


School Holiday Band Camp

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