Adult Drum Lessons Sydney

Drum lessons at Bondi Music School teach adult students that no matter what age, anything is achievable with practice and application of the techniques and approaches taught.


At Bondi Music School we aim to motivate beginners on all instruments by showing them the big picture to playing music. With drum lessons that generally means achieving a level capable of performing with a band. We support this by holding regular public performances that allow students to see how it feels to be Dave Grohl.

Intermediate and Advanced

Intermediate and advanced drummers are taught a range of skills which will allow them to perform in bands with full confidence in their own abilities. Our drum teachers will analyse technique used by students and look to improve it’s fluency and efficiency. This will lead to tighter and more dynamic playing amongst other improvements.
Our teachers are knowledgeable in a diverse range of styles including Jazz, Fusion, Rock, Pop, Metal, Progressive, and even some extreme styles such as Math rock. Depending on their personal ambitions, students may choose to focus on one or many styles.

Lesson Focus

Beginners - Never got to try, and now you want to?

  • Reading Music
  • Technique
  • Co-ordination

Intermediate - Played on and off for years, but want some focus and training?

  • Correcting techniques
  • Stamina
  • Why posture and technique is important
  • Setting up and caring for your drumkit
  • Drum tuning

Advanced - Playing regularly but getting pain from playing and not the sound you really want to acheive?

  • Why posture and technique is important
  • Extended techniques for playing live and recording
  • Fluidity whilst drumming, achieving a flow


Andy Byrne

Availability and Cost

Drum lessons are available Monday to Saturday

Lesson cost is $45 per half hour or $90 per hour

Please contact us on 9387 2219 if you would like further information

Other Activities


Drums sound best when played as part of a band, for this reason concerts are held regularly as an opportunity for students to experience this! more info

Join A Band

Rock band is a weekly class which allows students the opportunity to join a band. more info


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