Adult Singing Lessons Sydney

Whether you’re the lead vocalist in a death metal band, an inspired singer-songwriter, or just an enthusiastic¬†amateur, our teachers will help you become a more confident singer.

Adult singing lessons involve learning your favourite songs while developing proper technique. Songs are carefully chosen to ensure that students are learning material to help them improve and not damaging their voices from undue strain.

Lesson Focus

Some of the aspects covered in private singing lessons include….

  • Breathing
  • Intonation
  • Warming up
  • Expanding your range
  • Song Study


As an extension of their singing lessons, students may wish to learn the tricks of songwriting.

Recording Techniques

Whether you are looking to record a professional demo or a song for a family member, our teachers can help students understand the techniques required to produce high quality vocal recordings.

Performance Opportunity

Students are encouraged to take part in public performances run by the school. This allows students to apply the techniques learnt during their singing lessons in a real life scenario.  more info


Elizabeth Smalley

Availability and Cost

Singing lessons are available Monday to Saturday

Lesson cost is $45 per half hour or $90 per hour

Please contact us on 9387 2219 if you would like further information



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