Music Lessons for Kids

The aim of the music lessons we teach is to educate children through engagement on a personal level. Our goal is to find music that each student connects with and use that as an avenue to create further curiosity and interest that will fuel their musical development.

Children’s music lessons may start from the ages of 5 or 6, usually on drums, guitar, or bass guitar. Singing classes can start from an early age, however it is best to seek the advice of the singing teacher.

Teenagers are the lucky ones when it comes to learning a musical instrument. They possess the learning ability, motor skills and enthusiasm to really make great strides in learning an instrument.

What We Teach

Inspiring Songs

Students can learn the songs that inspire them. We teach all styles of music including rock, pop, blues, metal and classic kids music!!!

Good Technique

It is essential that students develop good technique on their chosen instrument. Doing so will allow constant improvements in playing and minimise the risk of injury.

Understanding Music

Having an understanding of how music works, whether a little or a lot, will make learning and remembering songs much easier. This can also introduce kids to writing their own music.

Developing Creativity

Developing creativity is an essential part of any music education program. We teach kids to exercise their creativity through improvisation and songwriting.

Measuring Progress

It is important that students have goals which allow them to constantly measure improvements in there abilities, and also to explore the potential of their instrument within a more complete musical context.

Student Concerts

Several concerts are held throughout the year as an opportunity for students to showcase the skills they have developed through music lessons. Students of all stages in their musical development are encouraged to take part as it serves as a great learning experience, fantastic motivation, and lots of fun. more info

Rock Bands

Rock band is a class which allows students the opportunity to join a band. By taking the focus off the individual and creating a team dynamic, students enjoy a more supportive and motivating environment in which to learn.

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Teenage rock guitar student Ash Teenage student on drums Young Student on Bass guitar

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