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Karl is a local musician who has established a reputation around Sydney as a great guitarist, outstanding harmonica player, and committed guitar teacher. A well known face around Bondi Beach he can frequently be seen performing amongst the local music scene, as well as some of Sydney’s premier live venues.

Growing up in Christchurch, Karl was originally inspired to pick up the guitar by Michael Jacksons ‘Beat It”. This led to a healthy passion for rock and heavy metal music. Within a few years Karl was beginning to conquer the guitar virtuosity of bands such as Metallica, Guns n’ Roses, and many others. By the age of 17 he had developed a reputation around Christchurch as a great young guitarist, and soon found himself playing in cover bands with musicians twice his age.

At the age of 22 Karl decided to extend his musical horizons by studying at Christchurch Jazz School, where he learned about arranging composing, improvising, and music theory. As a result of studying arranging, Karl pickup up bass.

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