Performance Events

Performance events are held throughout the year as a fantastic opportunity for students to showcase the skills they have learnt through lessons and gain performance experience. Students of all stages in their musical development are encouraged to take part as it serves as fantastic motivation.

For children the concerts are a lot of fun while also allowing them to establish performance benchmark to improve upon. Concerts also serve as a way parents can gain insight into how their child is progressing.



2012 Concerts

Monthly Performance Workshops


Major Events

Annual Concert
The BMS Annual Concert is a large scale professional production held in November each year. The event is a showcase of talent and a reward to students for a year’s worth of hard work.

Half year concert
The Half Year Concert is a smaller production than the end of year concert and a great introduction for students to performing.

Adults Xmas Party Concert
Is a new concert for some of our star adults to shine in front of their friends. The goal is to create a real Xmas party style event where students perform as a professional cover band performing all the classic dance hits from the 70′s!!!

Teachers Concert
The Teachers Concert is an opportunity for students to see their teacher performing. It also allows our teachers to showcase their professional activities to students.

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Past Events

Annual Concert


Half year concert