General Practice Tips

Productive Practice

1. Always practice slow and correct first. Never fast with lots of mistakes.

Whilst sometimes it may feel like going slow is taking too long, in the end, you waste more time making mistakes over and over again playing the exercise too fast.

The perfect application of the old “slow and steady wins the race”

2. The best time to practice is always immediately after a lesson whilst the ideas and concepts of the lesson are fresh in your mind. Don’t leave your practice until the day before or even the hour before your lesson. You would’ve forgotten most of what you were supposed to practice and you shouldn’t be practicing thinking you will impress the tutor. Impress yourself.

3. Make sure you can’t be distracted when you’re practicing. Concentrating on what you’re working on is essential. Even being able to concentrate for extended periods is something that needs practice.

4. More practice doesn’t always mean big improvement. Losing concentration, practicing too fast and only practicing the things you can already play won’t give great results. Find a time where you won’t be distracted, find an exercise you can’t play and try playing it correctly before you start speeding it up. Soon enough you’ll be able to add the new exercise you’ve practiced into a song.

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