School Holiday Band Camp

What is Band Camp?

Band camp is a great way for kids to experience the thrills of playing in a rock band, and meet other musical kids.

Who’s It For?

Ages 6 to 16 (Students will be grouped based on ages)

What’s Involved

Band Camp is a three-day musical experience for kids, providing a wide range of musical activities such as learning songs, improvisation, singing and percussion. Dependent upon students abilities and numbers, the camp may included a performance at the end. It’s an inspiring experience that truly opens up the possibilities of music to kids.

What’s required to play?

You must have basic skills in one or more of the following instruments – Guitar, Drums, Bass, Singing, Keyboards. However, as Gene Simmons from Kiss said….”You don’t necessarily have to play your instrument very well at all. You can just barely get by and you can be in a rock band!”

Next Camp

april 2016

Camp 1, Monday 11/4 to Wednesday 13/4/ 2016

Camp 2, Monday 18/4 to Wednesday 20/4/ 2016






*Each band is limited to 3-8 students

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Student recordings from previous band camps 

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School Holiday Band Camp

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